August 30, 2017

About Us


Our Goal

Our goal is to match able-bodied people who have a desire to volunteer with people who are in need of help.

Our Story

Devastation is not the right word to describe what Harvey has done to our community. As we all witnessed the unleashing of Harvey on our city, far too many of us experienced first-hand the loss of our homes, businesses, possessions and sadly, the people we love.

We are Houston and we are strong. With every drop of rain that fell on our city, every ounce of strength and resilience boiled up from Houstonians. We have been so moved by the outpouring of support from the people of not only our community, but of this great state and this great country.

We all want to help where we can, so this is our way of trying to make that happen. Please sign up to volunteer and please let us know how we can help!